Thursday, April 03, 2008

Withdrawing from LNC Vice Chair race

I have decided to withdraw from the race for LNC Vice Chair and don't plan to seek any other position on the LNC at the 2008 Libertarian Party national convention.

It's been an honor and pleasure and a learning experience to serve as the Southwest Region 6 Representative to the LNC for the past two years. Our current LNC has had some spirited arguments and disagreements, but at the risk of inciting plenty of ridicule (that's your cue) I don't think the LNC did anything really stupid this term--and I'm proud of that!

While the Libertarian Party continues to face plenty of challenges, I remain committed to building the Libertarian Party, think it's a worthwhile vehicle for promoting freedom, and I am very positive about the prospects for strong growth in 2008. I'm not bailing out on the Libertarian Party. I'm just changing where I intend to focus my efforts in the short term.

I currently serve as the Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of Texas. Once again, in 2008, we had strong candidate recruitment success in Texas. I've got more than enough to keep me busy.

Our preliminary reports in Texas show that we had a record first quarter fund raising effort of over $42,000 (Jan. 1, 2008-March 31, 2008).

Additionally, I'm running for office myself, again (and promised myself to learn how to make and update my own website, which I'm doing for the first time--so please go easy on me in the short-term; I know it's not up to par yet).

In order to help fill a void that I see, I'm also working on a couple of projects to help Libertarians throughout the country who may find some of the materials I'm offering useful to their efforts:

As far as the LNC Vice Chair position goes, the only other announced candidate I'm aware of is Chuck Moulton, our current Vice Chair. While I think it would be premature to endorse him before we see who else might decide to seek the position, I have great respect for Mr. Moulton, think he's done a fine job as Vice Chair, am quite aware of his strong activism at the state and local level, and think the Libertarian Party would be well-served if Mr. Moulton serves for another term.

I want to thank my colleagues on the LNC (even the Californians) who spend lots of time and thousands of dollars of their own money (it's a volunteer position) just to attend the quarterly meetings, among many other tasks they perform.

I remain committed to the principles of the Libertarian Party and will be doing my part to help make 2008 a year of growth for the Libertarian Party. And I appreciate all of you who find a way and make an effort to help build the Libertarian Party and support Libertarian Party candidates.

Yours in liberty,

--Wes Benedict


Rob Latham said...

You rock, Wes!

Angela Keaton said...

It was an honor to serve with you. You are one a few who can be truly designated a comrade of the first order.