Saturday, December 22, 2007

Defiant Till the End: Terry Liberty Parker

August 2007: Terry Liberty Parker is diagnosed with a brain tumor.

October 2007: Medical treatment provides enough temporary relief to allow Terry to once again demonstrate his uncompromising dedication to freedom for all without compromise.

In response to a stroke victim asking me what is the libertarian prescription for healthcare:

Wes says:
I'm going to forward your email to Terry Liberty Parker and ask him to respond to one question. Note that Terry Liberty Parker has a severe condition, was recently given a dire prognosis though he's fighting it heroically and he may not be able to respond.

Nevertheless, Terry, please tell us now if you can, given that you've spent much of your life fighting for freedom for all, and given that you're fighting for your life today, and that what you say today could have a long-lasting effect on the freedom movement, what's your long-term prescription for health care in America today?

a) more government b) less government

Terry's response is:

(c) No government.

The full conversation:

Terry Liberty Parker was a 10-year host of the show "Live & Let Live" and first invited me to appear as a guest on his show in 2002. It was my first live television appearance, I was nervous as heck, and also offended quite a few people. Terry let me know that, but in a supportive way and with plenty of constructive criticism. As libertarians often do, we occasionally butted heads in our future political activism. Terry was as stubborn as they make 'em and I will never forget him and will always consider his unwavering support for freedom to be an inspiration to me.

I hope this excerpt from the final "Live and Let Live" show before his passing shows how much Austin libertarians appreciate all that he did.

From the Austin American Statesman:

Terry Liberty Parker

Terry Liberty Parker Terry Liberty Parker, longtime Austin Libertarian activist, passed away peacefully on December 17, 2007 after a short but valiant fight against aggressive brain cancer. Terry was born on October 26, 1944 in New York City. For over 30 years Terry was a vocal and passionate champion of Libertarian principles. In the early 1970s, Terry gained worldwide fame for establishing a clothing-optional apartment whose tenants signed a "non-aggression pact" whereby "they were free to do whatever they want as long as they don't aggress physically against one another." He was active in the Libertarian Party during the 1980s and once served as Travis County Libertarian Party Chair. For 10 years, Terry hosted "Live and Let Live," and for the past two years he co-hosted the "Jeff Davis Show," both on Austin's local public access television station. In the 1990s, he began using the Internet to expand his Libertarian voice by establishing himself as moderator of the Libertarian Yahoo Group and provided the valuable service as archivist for televised Libertarian programs. Terry was most admired for his unwavering commitment to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and his unconditional love for his friends and family. Terry's survivors include beloved daughter, Clare Burchfield; cousin, Mary Partlan (John); loving life-mate, Rita Gonzalez; and numerous lifelong friends. A private memorial will be held in Austin to celebrate his exceptional life. Obituary and guestbook online at

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