Saturday, July 22, 2006

Portland Delegates for Dues

Considering the steady drumbeat of propaganda put out by the so-called "Zero Dues" advocates, I was pleasantly surprised how many Portland convention delegates disagreed with the bad business decision of the former LNC to eliminate dues.

I conducted a survey of Portland convention attendees to gauge their support level for dues. I collected 99 responses, then completed one myself to make it an even 100 which makes the statistics easy to report. This was not a scientific survey, but I did attempt to include as many delegates as I could.

The survey is posted at:

More favored dues (51) than were against dues (29), with undecided (20).

Key to the list below:

Two-letter abreviation (responses from 30 states)

Response to the question "Are you FOR og AGAINST Dues?":
1=Strongly support dues (29 responses)
2=Somewhat favor dues (22 responses)
3=Undecided, flexible, depends, other (20 responses)
4=Somewhat against dues (12 responses)
5=Strongly against dues (17 responses)

Delegate Status:
D=Delegate (95 responses)
A=Alternate Delegate (2 responses)
blank=Not a delegate or delegate status not indicated (3 responses)

Delegates amended the Bylaws to require roll call votes for all substantive LNC motions. This was largely a response of indignation to the secret ballot vote by the prior LNC which temporarily raised dues from $25 to $50. As dues is a substantive issue, I trust most delegates to the convention who responded to my survey will apply the same standard of openness to my survey results. If you want your name made secret, call me at (512) 442-4910 and I'll hide your name.

LNC Officers:
7 LNC officers with positions noted submitted responses.

State, Number, Delegate Status, Name, LNC Officer

AL 4 D Barbara Gordon
AL 4 D Deborah Gordon
AK 1 D Scott Kohlhaas
AZ 3 D Barry Hess
AZ 5 D George Squyres
AR 1 D Gerhard Langguth
CA 1 D Andrew Bourdon
CA 1 D Jerry Dixon
CA 1 D Jay Jones
CA 1 D Vibeke Seymour
CA 1 D Thomas Sipos
CA 2 D Elizabeth Brierly
CA 3 D Lois Garcia
CA 3 D Scott Lieberman Region 2 1st Alt
CA 5 D Bud Raymond
GA 3 D Mark Augustyn
IL 1 D Kenton McMillen
IL 2 D John Jascob
IL 3 D Val Vetter
IN 1 D Robert Everline
IN 2 D Greg Hertzsch
IN 2 D James O'Gallagher
IN 2 D Mike Sylvester
IN 2 D Karena Sylvester
IN 4 D Sheri Sharlow
IN 5 D Charles Geckler
IN 5 D Laura Rutherford
IN 5 D John Rutherford
IN 5 D Todd Singer
IA 3 D Edward Wright
KS 5 D Rob Hodgkinson
KY 2 D Ken Moellman
MD 1 D Steve Boone
MD 3 D Mick Sarwark
MI 1 D James Hudler
MI 1 D Jeremy Linden
MI 2 D Nathan Allen
MI 3 D Andrew Hall
MI 3 D Robert Schubring
MI 4 D Elizabeth Bagwell
MI 4 D Lawrence W Johnson
MI 5 D Lawrence W Johnson (I guess I didn't say not to vote twice)
MS 2 D Gregory Arrigo
MT 3 D Roger Roots
NV 3 D Brendan Trainor
NH 5 D Brendan Kelly
NJ 2 D Dan Karlan At-Large Rep
NY 1 D M Carling Region 2 Rep
NY 2 D Alden Link
NC 2 D Bernard Carman
NC 2 D Joy Elliot
OH 1 D David Macko
OH 2 D Kevin Knedler
OR 1 D Edith McDaniel
OR 1 D Don McDaniel
OR 1 D Carla Pelaer
OR 2 D Inessa Hamilton-Lee
OR 2 D Lars Hedbor
OR 2 D Steve Pearson
OR 3 James Foster
OR 3 D Richard Whitehead
OR 4 D Derek Bradley
OR 4 D Thomas Rowlette
OR 5 D Jerry Defoe
PA 3 D Michael Robertson
SC 5 D Jeff Dimit
SC 5 D Steward Flood Region 4 Alt
SC 5 D Timothy Moultrie
TX 1 D Wes Benedict Region 6 Rep
TX 1 D Matt Finkel
TX 1 D Nancy Neale Region 6 Alt
TX 2 D Jon Airheart
TX 2 D Emily Cowan
TX 2 D Frederick Drew
TX 3 D Guy McLendon
TX 5 D John Shuey
UT 1 D Willy Marshall
UT 3 D Rob Latham
VT 4 D Hardy Machia Region 7 Rep*
VA 1 D Elizabeth Bowles
VA 1 D William Redpath National Chair
VA 1 D Shelley Tamres
VA 1 D Marianne Volpe
WA 1 D Sharon Ayres
WA 1 A Jeffry Fisher
WA 1 D Robert Hill
WA 2 D Richard Bonesteel
WA 2 D Peter Wilkie
WA 3 D Ruth Bennett
WA 3 D Ruth Bennett
WA 3 David Carson
WA 3 D Judi First
WA 4 A Mikael Mortensen
WA 4 D Arne Mortensen
WA 5 D Dan Goebel
WA 5 D Brett Wilhelm
WA 5 D Michael Wilson
WI 4 D Jeremy Keil At-Large Rep
?? 1 Anonymous

* Macia checked 3 and 5, so I assigned 4 as an average.
Judi First of Washinton wrote the comment "don't like the limitations of the choices" so I assigned her a 3.

I attempted to get these surveys out to every delegate (there were about 315 total). However, this was admittedly not a scientific survey.

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